What is a Bingo Dauber?

Imagine being well on your way to winning a bingo game and catastrophe strikes. All your needed letters and number combinations are being called when someone bumps into table. Uh oh. It looks like all your bingo chips went FLYING. Boy, it this going to be a nightmare to straighten out. What a shame you didn't employ a bingo dauber instead of using those unreliable bingo chips!

For those new to the game of bingo, a bingo dauber is an inkblot device designed to place a permanent ink "chip" over the numbers that have been called. In a way, it is a combination magic marker and stamp pad. The fluid ink is placed in the stem of the dauber in what is essentially a plastic container.

Now, some may wonder if the ink covers the numbers how can you prove that your numbers were the one called. Relax, the ink is usually very light and uses transparent colors. (The ink is not very thick as it is often water based; this is how the ink achieves transparency) If you use a purple ink bingo dauber over black numbers then the numbers would be clearly visible. The designers of the bingo dauber took all this into consideration…but perhaps after some trial and error.

Also, if you are worrying about ink spills there is really no reason to fret. Ink daubers are designed to avoid leaks and spills. So, there is no reason to worry about a major bingo dauber disaster. Yes, you can daub away with impunity!