Getting Started

You have probably seen adverts on television, for various online bingo sites. Maybe you have been tempted to have a go, but refrained at the last moment, thinking: how much fun can these games be? How can they possibly replicate the atmosphere of a bingo hall, or even a small game in a room, where social interaction is rife, and a very aspect of the experience itself? Well, let me tell you that at the very heart of these online games is social discussion: chatting with the other players. When you begin to play, you will become part of a chatroom, where all the other players are present. You will be able to talk freely with people just like you. You will congratulate them when they win (secretly wishing it was you); and they will be the same when you have success. You will find yourself making many new friends, and will even arrange further games in the future.

The sites themselves are extremely well designed, guiding even the most inexperienced novice with patient help. The graphics are very impressive, really helping to simulate the environment of a real bingo hall. There are all the types of games you would expect to find in a bingo tournament: Regular, Progressive, combination, and many others. You will find tutorials that will teach you how to play these variants - pretty soon you will be a bingo expert!

Bingo has traditionally been a place to not only have fun but also a place where people can socialise and makes friends. The Internet can be seen as antisocial, so online bingo companies have tried to fix this problem. Most popular online Bingo programs now offer a chat feature where you can talk to other Bingo players. In fact with online bingo many people prefer the comfort of their own homes compared to a run-down bingo halls or church halls.

Typically 90 ball bingo is seen as the most popular because that is what's played in most halls in the UK. 70 ball bingo (also known as American bingo) is played on a 5x5 card instead of a 3x9 which 90 ball bingo plays on. You will find both versions offered by many online bingo companies.

You will find some bingo sites require you to download their software application where others play within the browser directly. You will usually be expected to register yourself on to their website to start playing. Deposits will need to be placed in order for you to play (unless you choose free games).