Traditional Bingo vs Online Bingo

There can be few of us who have not, at least once in their lifetime, played bingo. You might have played it at home, with a piece of cardboard containing the numbers, which you covered with small paper squares, as the game progressed. Or you might have had the big experience - that of a bingo hall, perhaps whilst on holiday. Squashed into a small booth, you would slide a plastic partition over the numbers, which were orated in humorous drawl (legs eleven, two fat ladies, etc) by someone standing at the end of the room. If you have not yet taken the dive into online bingo, you are most likely wondering what could be retained of the atmosphere of that hall crammed with people, or even the small game played at home with a few friends. How can the medium of the internet convey the social aspect of the game? How can it provide the excitement of waiting for the number you need, and hearing ti read by the charismatic announcer? How can it match the thrill of standing up in a room full of people and shouting "bingo!"

The social aspect of the game is actually enhanced via the internet: players are entered into a forum, where all can talk freely. The user settings can be adjusted, giving the option for the game card to automatically mark off the numbers as they come up, thus enabling the participant to converse with the other players without interruption. Most bingo sites are extremely well designed, with enticing, atmospheric graphics, that really help to create the ambiance of a real bingo hall. But best of all, with thousands of players now regularly playing online, the cash prizes are huge, exceeding by far the measly winnings offered in bingo halls.