Types of Bingo Games

There are a vast number of different bingo games. Part of the game's charm seems to be its ability to change to suit the tastes of its local population. Here are some of the main types.

Regular Bingo

This is the game most people know: you have to cover a certain shape on your number card, such as an L shape, or the four corners, or (most commonly) the entire card.

Pre called Bingo

In this game some number are pre-selected - that is, announced at the very beginning of the game. The prizes in this game are usually much higher, and sealed cards are often used, to reduce the risk of cheating or tampering.

Progressive Bingo

The player only has a certain number of goes to obtain the required winning pattern. Once the number of tries has been exceeded, the game is over, and the prize is carried into the next round. This game can be particularly exciting as if no one wins for a long period of time the prize money rises to dizzying heights!

Even Odd Games

In this simple version either odd or even numbers are used. Typically alternating between goes. Sealed cards are often used.

Combination Bingo

This is a very common game type, designed to produce variety and keep players interested over a long period. The simple arrangement is that the winning pattern changes every go: first you may be required to get a straight line on your number card to win; next the four corners; next two straight lines, and finally the entire card. The announcer will state which pattern is required at the beginning of each game.