What is a Bingo Bonus

Online bingo is fast becoming a big business - and big business means big competition. There are scores of bingo sites vying for your participation. These sites know that once a player signs up with a site, they are likely to remain there. In the hope of catching new, potential customers, most sites employ a marketing strategy known as Bingo Bonuses. Simply put, these are special deals that first time players will benefit from. The most common benefit if a signing up bonus, meaning if you put a certain amount of money into your account, they will match that amount, thereby doubling your credit! Certain rules apply here, that are in place to prevent players from depositing a sum of money, and immediately withdrawing the doubled amount. Simple strategies such as making the player take part in a certain number of games before they are allowed to withdraw their money. There are other bonuses as well, such as loyalty bonuses, which reward players for staying with their site. These are often known as fidelity points or comps. Other incentives such as credits for bringing friends to the site, or special days, where free games are given, are also common features of bingo sites.

Now is a great time to sign up to many bingo sites, as they are all expecting the number of online players to grow, so all are competing with each other, and offering great bonus deals. Just shop around a little and view the offers at Bonus Bingo, and see which site is most desirous, and generous, of your business!