What is a Bingo Card

Every game has its own unique paraphernalia and bingo is no exception. After all, how could you play bingo without a bingo card? Whether you are playing a "real life" bingo game in a local bingo hall or a virtual version over the internet, you will need to use a bingo card. Now, some may be complete novices on the subject of bingo and are unfamiliar with what a bingo card actually is. On a baseline level, a bingo card is the mini game board in which a game of bingo is played.

The game of bingo centers on completing a line across a bingo card based upon the "calling out" of letter and number combinations. A bingo card contains a random collection of numbers along with a very non-random collection of letters. The letters at the top of the card form a very recognizable word: bingo! Underneath every letter that forms the word bingo there are various randomly selected numbers. So, when the combination B-9 is called out, if there is a 9 under the B column the player will mark it off. When a complete line is completed the player has scored "Bingo!" and has won the game.

There are other variants of the traditional bingo card as well. These variants "shake up" the patterns on the traditional bingo card. This is done to make the game a little more exciting and a lot less predictable. But, overall, it is the traditional bingo game and its corresponding card that is the most popular.