Bingo Fun Review

Bingo Fun

With a name like BingoFun you should think this site is an enjoyable and humorous and this is the immediate impression that is obtained from the home page. Smiling carton characters greet visitors to BingoFun and there is a more relaxed feel to the site, especially when compared to a great number of the current bingo sites.

Ease of use

After going through the Help section on the main page, people will eventually come to a comprehensive breakdown of all the options involved with buying cards and playing games. With so many options available it is possible for players to buy cards and then let the game run automatically including setting levels where the computer should stop or perhaps place a limit on how many games or money will be spent on one day. This can be a great benefit for people who want to impose limits on their playing.


The bingo screen is immensely cluttered and busy which can provide some distraction to players however, the autodaub function is available at the BingoFun site which should ensure that people can keep on top of their games.

For all that the screen is busy though, there is a lot of work and effort involved and it is easy to get deeply involved with the number of options and variety involved in the games on this site. Bingo Fun Bonus

A 200% opening deposit is not to be sniffed at and this is exactly what is on offer with the BingoFun site and then further bonuses on all deposits up to 150%, depending on the status of the member. At the very least, all members will receive a 50% bonus on their deposits which is a fair incentive for any keen bingo player.

BingoFun also operates a referral bonus where players are encouraged to sign up friends and family members in order to gain more money, up to around 60 at current exchange rates.

Depending on the time of day, there are also many offerings of free cards when a number are bought, for instance, some weekday mornings will see a member being awarded with 3 free cards when they purchase 10 cards.

Additional features

One of the best options available from the BingoFun site is the ability to play for free which is available through a link from its home page. Primarily this free gaming option is aimed at the US market which is unable to play online gaming so this can be fun for people who appreciate the fun of playing bingo but do not want to start playing for money.

*  Bingo Fun Bonus Information