Crown Bingo Review


Not an awful lot is said about Crown Bingo on their site and they don’t give much away about their origins buts it is a clear and uncluttered site which allows for easy navigation and allowing users the chance to find what they need.

Something a little bit different about Crown Bingo is that they run a ‘Charity of the Month’ scheme where they make a donation to a particular charity and the website has raised just under £3,000 (at the time of checking) for the chosen charities. This is an admirable thing to do and may encourage many users to sign up with this site.

Ease of use

The Learn To Play Bingo facility offered by Crown Bingo is fairly simple but it does cover the basics from getting started and buying cards to showing the layout of the screen for games. With email facilities regarding any queries and a live on screen chat facility, there is plenty of support and assistance offered by the firm for any person who is having problems.


Crown Bingo only offers 90 ball bingo which is less variety than provided by most sites but it is the most commonly found version of bingo in the UK and Europe so it shouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience for players. The entrance lobby to the game is very elaborate and swishes looking but the games themselves are very simple and easy to use. They move at a standard pace and there is no reason why people would have any difficulty in using this site for their bingo activites.

There are a total of 5 rooms and the schedule runs a week in advance allowing players to plan ahead with regards their bingo playing activities.

Crown Bingo Bonus

Every new user signing up will automatically earn £1 without having to deposit any money which means there is a no risk element to signing up to Crown Bingo. This money allows any user to play a few games and determine if they like it before they deposit their own cash which is a great way to encourage new members to sign up.

There is also a matched deposit bonus up to £250, which although requires the new user to send an email to the site, is a far more impressive matching bonus than what is offered by the majority of sites.

Crown Bingo clearly believes in bonuses and added incentives as they also offer:

The Chat Games offer the chance to win up to £5 per day.

Additional features

Crown Bingo offers a Bingo blog where news and current articles about bingo are brought up with the opportunity for discussion. This is not something that features too often on many sites and could be of interest if you are keen to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of bingo.

Crown Bingo also offers ‘Pub Quiz Sunday’ which is a great way for users to get other people involved and spend some time together at the end of a week.

*  Crown Bingo Bonuses