Dream Bingo Review

Dream Bingo

All visitors to the Dream Bingo site are greeted with a very cartoon like front page and lots of comic book style graphics. The style of this site is in marked difference to many bingo sites and although it is aimed a t the same market, there is a lot of different ideas and elements on show.

Ease of use

The layout is clear but there is a lot of reading involved with the Dream Bingo site. In a way this is good as it allows the user to get as much information as possible but some people may prefer to get straight into the action. There isnít any great in-depth analysis or instructions on how to interact with the site but there are online chat, email and phone line help facilities available so there is an abundance of support offered by the site.


75 and 90 ball bingo is on offer with at least 10 games an hour available. This means that there is no long wait for players to get involved which keeps the momentum of the site going. The layout of the games is fairly standard and it is possible to purchase cards 24 hours in advance.

Dream Bingo Bonus

Every member who deposits £10 with Dream bingo is entered into a prize draw that takes place every time 500 members are met. The draw for the first 500 players saw a lucky winner walk away with a Nintendo Wii plus Wii Fit whilst the winner for the 1000th level saw someone snatch a Spa day for 4 people. There are still many prizes to be won with the final winner looking set to be rewarded with a Fiat 500 as well as the first £500 of your insurance costs.

This is in addition to all new members receiving £5 for signing up; receiving a 100% matched deposit up to £100 and then receiving a 25% re-deposit on all future matches.

Additional features

If you like mini-games, there are a fair number to choose from on Dream Bingo and they all share the same cartoon like feel that is present throughout the site. Slot games are available in all of the bingo rooms and there are also casino games for people to play. This offers Poker, Blackjack and Roulette games which all help to add to the variety on offer from this site.

One thing that Dream Bingo offered that no other site has is a history of bingo. This may not be that important for the vast majority of players but if you would like to know a little bit about the origins and development of the game, then Dream Bingo is a fantastic place to develop your knowledge of the game. It is not likely to help you win more effectively but it could be of interest to a great number of people.

*  Dream Bingo Bonus