Foxy Bingo Review

FoxyBingo Screen

Foxy Bingo came to life in 2005 and has been growing rapidly since then. The early days may have featured just the two games rooms and chat rooms but the options available now make it an integral part of the online bingo community.

Ease of use

The Foxy Bingo site is very spacious allowing the user to have plenty of room to look around and find exactly what they are looking for. Everything is easy identifiable and reachable which makes this site a perfect choice for any new player unfamiliar with the Internet or bingo sites.

It is a non-download site which means there is no need to download any additional content to your machine, which is good in these security conscious times.


There are now 14 games rooms offered by Foxy Bingo which include 75 and 90 ball bingo and games starting from 10p. Bingo moves at a fats pace and the online version replicates this but after a few plays a player should be able to get up to speed and there is no great difficulty in playing the games. The site is not as flashy as some of the alternatives on the market but there is an ease of use regarding Foxy Bingo so if that is all you after, this is a great place to visit.

If you want to plan your bingo activities in advance, Foxy Bingo allows you to pre-purchase your bingo card, including a month ahead of the £25,000 game.


Some of the bingo sites are offering staggered bonus offerings but Foxy offer a very simple one for all new customers. If you place between £10 and £150 on your first deposit, you will receive the exact same matched bet. Thatís a welcome straightforward incentive to sign up but the site then promises to offer a 50% matched bet for every further deposit of between £10 and £100 from then on. If you intend to play regularly this sort of incentive will keep you coming back on a regular basis.

Additional features

In addition to the Bingo, there are a number of games for players to try their luck at and these include:

There is also Foxy Radio every Thursday night which provides players with news and information as well as further opportunities to win cash prizes and online bingo points. Its not a service that will be suitable for everyone but it does offer an alternative way to interact with the site and provides something a little bit different to keep people coming back to the Foxy Bingo site.

There is also a strong community element at the site including specialist pages where players can learn all the bingo lingo and glossary terms to ensure that each player knows exactly what is being said during games or in chat rooms.

*  Foxy Bingo Bonus Information