We Luv Bingo Review

We Luv Bingo

With its modern spelling and use of pictures of young people to promote their site, WeLuvBingo immediately tries to stand itself apart from so many of its rivals and competitors in this field by being more vibrant. There is freshness to the home page of the site and it is fair to say there is a difference to the majority of sites that cater for bingo fans.

Ease of use

The site has been created by Cashcade who are behind a great number of popular bingo sites so there is every chance that if you have played online bingo before that you will be familiar with the style and layout of WeLuvBingo.


Players can get involved with bingo games every couple of minutes which means there are always opportunities to start a new game. The column shaped layout with the cards in the middle and the chat facility on the right hand side makes for a slightly squashed screen but it does allow the user to view everything that is taking place and means they can enter all the chat games that are on offer during the bingo sessions. With the autodaub facility there is no real chance of missing anything which removes some of the pressure from the player.


Without even making a deposit, WeLuvBingo rewards all new members with 5 free to allow people to join in the fun immediately and get used to some of the games. Following this, the first deposit is matched with a 150% bonus and then every subsequent deposit is rewarded with a 50% bonus.

Every Tuesday, it is worthwhile trying out the Instant Win games available at WeLuvBingo as there is 15% cash back of all your stakes which will soften the blow of any losses.

There is also a Team Bingo opportunity with a prize of 2,000 up for grabs. As many people enjoy the social aspect of bingo, this opportunity to earn 2,000 with your friends is a fantastic addition to any site and it is no surprise to see a greater number of online bingo sites offering this facility.

Players can also win prizes such as digital cameras in pre-purchase games with their names being entered into a prize draw.

With a bundle of weekday and weekend promotions thrown in for good measure, the WeLoveBingo site is definitely worth checking out if you look for extra reasons to be enticed to a site.

Additional features

The additional games on offer at the WeLuvBingo site include:

All of these games can be played whilst your bingo game is running automatically or you can choose to play these games independently. The inclusion of Instant Games has increased the popularity of a great number of bingo sites and whilst it does not offer the greatest variety of games, there are more than enough options of the WeLuvBingo site to keep players happy and interested.

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